Jacks on top Sunday session

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Jacks on top Sunday session

#1 Post by Ads22 » Tue Mar 26, 2019 10:15 pm

Last weekend I had trouble deciding on where to go for a Sunday session. The wind was scheduled to be down for the morning, and while it's been a while between ocean session, I elected for an easier paddle and trying to target a surface bite at Causeway Lake. My wife had requested I cook dinner, which I took for 'please bring home fish.' I got on the water before sun up and headed toward the back of the lake. The water was almost glassed out, and only got better as the light increased. I picked up a tiny Moses Perch heading across the lake proper, then as I pushed toward the back of the southern arm, I passed a corner that I don't often fish and saw some surface action. As I pulled up prepared to cast, the little Warlock lure went off and I retrieved a 33cm Bream. Happy start!
Within a few casts of the Atomic K9 Walker I was on, but quickly dropped a fish. It didn't take long and I was on again, landing a feisty little Bream. A few casts later and I was onto my first Jack for the day, a 27.5cm model that ran for the clear. A little bit more casting and I was on again, walking and pausing the lure over the flats. Another small Bream came to the yak. Then another Jack, this one quite a bit smaller at 19cm. A tag and release for this midget and it was back home.
As the bite died here, I pushed along the bank, and happily discovered a rapid drop off from the edge to about 1.2m at full low tide. This is one of the bigger drop offs in the creek close to the bank, and I will fish this stretch again in the future! I followed on to my initial plan (waylaid by the surface action), which was to fish the edges in the back creeks on surface. As the sun was up, I wasn't sure how things would go. I trolled along the way and picked up a 49cm Flathead that went into the hatch. Dinner part one sorted!
Reaching the creeks, I took the first option, being a deeper edge than the other, and fished it with the larger Lively Lures Ziggy SD 90, hoping for a bigger Jack or Barra. Things were looking quiet and I was planning for a switch of sides and perhaps away from surface when a longer cast tight into structure was hit with gusto. A thumb on the spool and some steady pressure quelled the run for home and caused the fish to run for the clear. I was delighted to see a nice red fish surface and after the initial hit and dive for home, the fight was reasonably subdued. A couple of nice pictures and the 37cm Jack went into the hatch for dinner.
I fished further up the cream and switched to subsurface but found things awfully quiet. Fishing back along the other edge, I heard an odd noise and turned to find an eagle descending then turned and targeted a fish on the surface nearby, catching a glimpse of if on video.
Pushing back toward the main channel and bridge where the tide was starting its run in, I trolled along the edge mentioned earlier and picked up another little Flathead on the Atomic Shad 50. This one received a tag and went on its way.
Slightly further up this stretch I received another hit and after a nifty fight I retrieved a little River Perch (aka River Jewfish). These have no size limit and apparently taste ok, but I sent it back anyway. Things were a bit quiet after this. I tried around the main channel leading to the bridge, then trolled back to the start of the northern arm, flicking along the edges and to the deep with no luck. Eventually, I called it a day and headed home. I thought about a quick Barra session the whole way home and it wasn't until the last corner that I finally decided to head straight home.
With two nice fish prepared for dinner, the Mangrove Jack was baked in foil with a rub of lime juice, olive oil, sweet chili, ginger, garlic, leek, lime zest, kaffir leaves, salt and pepper (lotsa lime!). It was finished under the grill with the foil open to crisp up the skin. The Flathead was coated with 9 grain Vita Weat crackers with kaffir leaves, salt and pepper. Both served with chips and salad. Beautiful dinner it must be said!

A quick video of the larger Jack hit is here: http://youtu.be/fINZxSB26XU

Until next time, cheers and happy fishing!

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Re: Jacks on top Sunday session

#2 Post by dirvin21 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:58 am

Good stuff mate.... your reports always make me stare at the calendar for upcoming QLD trip
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