Tanby/Rita Mada, Emu Park & Causeway Lake - Wed 25 July

So who's been offshore recently? How did you go?
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Tanby/Rita Mada, Emu Park & Causeway Lake - Wed 25 July

#1 Post by Ads22 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:54 pm

With the wind and swell down, I was keen to get the Reload off the beach for the first time in a little while. Nathan was keen to tag along, and David came along to, both local Rocky/Yeppoon kayakers. We met at Tanby Beach off Haven Road, Emu Park at first light and were on the water and going pretty quickly. There were no waves to speak of, and the swell was minimal. Immediately, we started working the rocks moving out toward Tanby Point. Within two minutes of beginning casting I was onto my first fish, a tiny cod, succumbing to an Atomic Shad 50. No doughnut for me, even if it was tiny! :lol:

As I worked further out along the point, I spotted dolphins beyond a pressure point heading towards me. Moments later, I hooked up to a slightly bigger fish, hitting a Rapala X-Rap 10 in glass ghost. As the fish surfaced, it revealed another cod, this time in the 25cm range. As I turned to net the fish, I thought spotted a shark trying to grab at the cod. It took a second, but I realised that the shark was actually a Barra, a clean, salty Barra that dwarfed the cod. It swam up under the fish, looked at the kayak only a foot away, then turned and nonchalantly swam off. I was stunned, and a bit bewildered. I wish I could have thought quicker and tried to net it, or flicked another lure at it. It was a pretty cool experience, nonetheless.

Moving around the point, we found the Striped Barracuda. They came one after another, and continued that way for the day. I trolled further south along the rocks, then back again, even trying one of the 'cuda as a live bait with no success.

After fishing the rocky point, we moved to the rocks further north up the beach. First cast after arriving I pulled in another 'cuda. Five casts later I was hit by a heavier fish that peeled some drag and pulled me towards the rocks. I had to palm the spool to work it away from the rocks and soon landed my nicest cod of the trip, a 38cm model, on the Black Magic-coloured Hurricane Lures Slam 59.
A few more cod followed as I rounded the corner of the rocks, while Nathan was keen to get anything other than 'cuda! We then headed up towards Rita Mada point and worked the rocks again. I got onto a nice little Trevally, followed by a little Parrot Fish, then shortly after another Trev. We rounded the point and headed to a rocky outcrop off Kinka Beach. The fishing was becoming a little slower, so we pulled up on the little island to stretch the legs. As we got back to Rita Mada point, we found a few more 'cuda. After a while, Nathan came up tight on a really nice fish. On light line, he fought hard enough to keep the fish out of the rocks. He was stoked to come across what at first he thought was a nice jack. With a closer look, we discovered it was a nice Fingermark, going 45cm. One very happy fisher! We were all pretty stoked to see it, if not a little green with envy!
David was getting pretty tired and sore in the shoulder by now, so he had headed off towards the rocks closer to the launch point. As I trolled away from Rita Mada point I hooked onto another small cod in the 35cm range. We caught up with David and worked the rocks. As we headed back towards the launch point, David hooked into a nicer fish, before it dragged him into the rocks. After 5-10 minutes of trying to retrieve the fish from the snag, the lure came free, minus the rear treble and the fish.

The boys headed for home but I was keen to continue, so headed back to Tanby Point. I found more 'cuda, but otherwise it was quiet. Still not ready for home, I loaded the yak onto the car and headed up the road to Causeway Lake (I could have actually paddled there at 3km from our northern-most point of our paddle). I loaded the yak lightly with some light harbodies, hoping for a flathead or two for dinner. After trolling for about 25 minutes, I hooked into a nice fish that peeled drag then leapt clear of the water. I only saw the leap from the corner of my eye and assumed the fish would be a Tarpon from previous experience here. This time, though, the fish was heavy, more heavy than I could think a Tarpon would be. A 5-minute fight ensued on the Shimano Nasci 2500 reel/Pflueger Trion 2-4kg rod with 8lb line but eventually I had the fish in the net. A winter Barramundi at 57cm was just undersized, so it was released to fight another day. The leap was caught by both cameras!

I trolled and flicked around for another half hour or so, before I hooked up again. This time, the reel went absolutely nuts! Being in the Reload, I took my time to turn the yak around as the drag continued to scream. I locked in for the battle, but it was becoming a weird fight. It soon dawned on me that I was in a tussle with a decent sized ray. After 10 minutes of fighting, the knot in the leader gave up the ghost. Lure gone!

Now it was time to get off the water and home. A full day on the water with some good company and a couple of nice fish between us. The barra sighting was a nice surprise, as was the smaller Barra that I landed! The others managed somewhere in the piece to each pull in cod a little larger than my 38cm. I lost count of the 'cuda I caught, but it must have come close to 20. And there were about 10 cod in all, as well as two Trev's, a little Moses and the tiny Parrot.

If the weather plays nice, next offshore/inshore trip I hope to get myself some Mackerel!

Cheers and happy fishing!

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Re: Tanby/Rita Mada, Emu Park & Causeway Lake - Wed 25 July

#2 Post by arpie » Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:40 pm

WOW!! SO much fun!!! Amazing video of the barra trying to nab your cod! I bet you WOULD think it was a shark!

Great variety of fish - nice fingermark, too! Do you eat those?

Well done, great vids too.


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