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#1 Post by Copashark » Wed Sep 25, 2019 9:28 pm

Does anyone in nsw drop lobster pots (open sea) off their kayak? Looking for tips.
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Re: Lobsters

#2 Post by Paulioq » Thu Sep 26, 2019 8:05 pm

don't do lobsters but do get mudcrabs out my yak, people ask how do I do that, I reply" very carefully"
not sure about lobsters but if it involves throwing a pot in the water yes can be done I use colapsable 4 entry style and a pa14(the ute of the kayaks) and just set them up in my lap and throw them where I want easy. its the retrival part that's tricky. I stand up to pull and work my pots because mudcrabs bite and I don't want one to end up in my lap. watching the tele I see they just pick up lobsters so just got to think about what to do if you actualy get one good to go through it in your mind befor you even head out and have a system ready so you know what your doing befor theres anything bitey in your yak with you. also think of your balance when pulling a pot so you don't pull your self into the water. you should be right. if all else fails you actullay get a lobster in the pot and shit your self when you lift it just turf it back in the water till you sort your self out and ready to bring it on board.

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