Three cheers for snapper

So who's been offshore recently? How did you go?
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Three cheers for snapper

#1 Post by mirage583 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:23 pm

<t>Three trips out for one small snapper that was let go. Where are the snapper? Am i doing something wrong .I was starting to get worried they had been fished out. But this morning looked good . I was using the C Map app on my mobile phone to find the reef because my lowrance hook 4 sounder was playing up and i was looking to try something lighter without a big battery. As i got to the first reef i could see bait fish breaking the surface so i paddled beside them trolling a halco rmg crazy deep hard body lure and was rewarded with a good size bonito that will be used for snapper bait in strips. While putting away the bonito i could see a small mackerel boat coming straigh at me ,i don't know if he can see me, he probably can and doesn't care , but I'm not taking any chances so i start waving my arms and he goes past me 40 meters away, right over the reef i,m about to start fishing for snapper, anyway i start my drift back over the reef with a squid tube on a size 4 hook with a very small ball sinker up against the hook, free spooling the line the bait gets hit but no hook up, so i quickly put on another squid tube and this time bring in a nice snapper, whew what a relief, finaly one in the kayak and i was feeling this morning was going to be good. And it was, three more baits and three more snapper. What would we catch without snapper? Bugger all at the moment but hopefully the mackerel will be here soon and i might be able to arse one of them. I'm off to the Pilbara in june gold detecting , it's probably going to be like fishing in a way.</t>
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Re: Three cheers for snapper

#2 Post by Snapperpaddy » Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:20 pm

Sounds like great fun, champion effort
Win Win, catch a fish, happy days, the chance of catching a bloody big fish, even happier days

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