Tingalpa Creek, Qld (13/7/2018)

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Tingalpa Creek, Qld (13/7/2018)

#1 Post by wongus » Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:58 pm

I see that Les (Kareless1) has already posted but I thought I would fill in the blanks and add some pics.

My last 2 sessions have been rather ordinary especially after a rather good run to the extent where I was starting to get complacent, with a snapper trip to Scarby / Redcliffe ending with a donut followed by a more recent trip to Wello Pt a few days ago only yielding 2 smallish bream. I fished Wello with Adrian (Shappy) who suggested that we try our luck on the flats of Tinny Creek for some bream as this was his reliable "go to" spot for some bream action and I thought that some fish action would help restore the mojo. Truth be told, I've never had much luck at Tinny creek but I wasn't going to knock back a fishing trip with good company. As high tide wasn't till around 930am it was going to be gentlemen hours with a planned 830am launch. I subsequently received a text from Les (Kareless1) who was looking at doing a fishing trip so the invite was extended for him to join us.

Peddling out the creek mouth, I was greeted to a glorious morning with only a slight breeze and not much boat traffic to spook the fish. The spot we were fishing was only showing 2 to 4 ft in depth and as such I was throwing around a shallow Chubby diver. However, a few drifts later it was evident that the bream were not about in numbers as I had only managed one dropped hookup to a smallish fish. I was mentioning how quiet it was as I drifted within earshot of Adrian when my lure came up against something solid before line started peeling off... a nice fish which turned out to be a 59cm flatty. Adrian was kind enough to take a few pics.
2018_07_13 tingalpa creek flatty (2).jpg
It's amazing how one good fish can change the outlook of the entire trip and I was now fishing with renewed confidence. I have had an OSP bent minnow in my lure collection for quite some time but rarely use it. This time I had it floating out the back and it was smashed off the surface with the screaming drag alerting me that I had a fish on. A nice 32cm bream was added to the bag.
Due to the nearby Manly boat harbour, we were getting a lot of radio chatter on UHF29 and the decision was made to change up to channel 30. To my embarrassment, I had my radio locked to the channel and had forgotten how to unlock it. Conveniently, Les paddled over to help me get my phone out from my dry bag in the hatch so I could Google the instructions. Les was also expressing some frustration at his lack of success with hardbodies and ask if I could look at his setup. I offered to re-tie his leader with some 8lb FC rock fluorocarbon and a loop knot to the lure and a slim beauty knot to his main braid thus replacing a large swivel on both ends (and suggested that he learn the FG knot which I normally use when rigging on dry land). It was rather pleasing to hear his familiar war cry of "Yabadabidoo" a bit later when he hooked up to a nice bream.

By now the wind had picked up considerably and was making fishing conditions difficult in conjunction with the current from the run out tide that was rapidly draining the flats. The action had also tapered off with only a few undersized bream. Both Adrian and Les decided to head in to the shelter of Tinny creek whilst I persisted a bit more on the flats. However, it wasn't too long before the falling tide forced me off the flats into the main channel with only millimetres to spare before the mirage drive would be stranded in the shallows. A lesson I learnt the painful way on a previous trip to Tinny creek.

I swapped the chubby to a Daiwa double clutch and was casting to the deeper drains and drop offs as I meandered my way back back towards the entrance of the creek and the river proper within. It was slow going against the now gale force winds and outgoing tide. On a cast to one such dropoff, my lure came up solid to a nice fish which took off into the shallows in the same direction as the wind and tide. This was quickly turning into an "Oh Sh*t" moment as I realised I would be in all sorts of trouble getting out if my yak got pushed into the shallow exposed flats with a muddy bottom, a falling tide and against a strong wind. I have never been so thankful for the reverse option on the mirage drive which kicked up a cloud of sediment literally millimetres before it would have been dragging bottom. It was my lucky day as when the 62cm flatty was eventually netted it was missing a hook on the bottom treble.
2018_07_13 tingalpa creek (13).JPG
I was stoked.. what an awesome day it had turned out to be and I had broken the hoodoo in the best possible fashion. Apologies for the pic which has some fish slime on the camera lens but I'm not complaining.
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Re: Tingalpa Creek, Qld (13/7/2018)

#2 Post by Leper » Sat Jul 14, 2018 6:55 pm

Some good fish there Danny amd a quality report too! I particularly like reading about the lures people use. Thanks for putting the effort in to write it up and post it!


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Re: Tingalpa Creek, Qld (13/7/2018)

#3 Post by rocketV » Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:02 pm

Great result. We recently found the bream few and far between in that system, but came across plenty of flathead at the mouth to make up for it.
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Re: Tingalpa Creek, Qld (13/7/2018)

#4 Post by Jamie D » Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:06 am

Oh wow that is a fantastic session from a really heavily pressured system

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Re: Tingalpa Creek, Qld (13/7/2018)

#5 Post by Ads22 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:01 am

Nice trip and report wongus. Some quality Flathead!
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Re: Tingalpa Creek, Qld (13/7/2018)

#6 Post by Kareless1 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:05 pm

Excellent report and thanks for the mention. Someday when I learn how to make my photos useable I might be able to enter this competition and entertain everyone with my misadventures. :lol:
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Re: Tingalpa Creek, Qld (13/7/2018)

#7 Post by Brendon » Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:38 pm

Cool report .
Wish we had in WA the XOS Flatties you guys have oh and estuary perch and freshwater natives...
Thanks for sharing

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