Coochie, Qld (16/7/2018)

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Coochie, Qld (16/7/2018)

#1 Post by wongus » Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:36 pm

The conditions at the Victoria Point boat ramp at 7am coincided with the bottom of a very low tide but with blue skies and mirror like conditions, it was a promising start to the day. After saying g'day to Les (Kareless1), I decided to make the most of the morning period and launched first, telling Les where I would meet up with him on the water.
The water clarity was amazing, so much so that I could clearly see the bottom in 5ft of water.. Hmm.. fishing was going to be tough until the tide change could provide some discolouration to the water. Not to be deterred, I starting prospecting with a Jackall Chubby shallow diver. My first fish for the day, an undersized bream was landed at 7.23am which is always a boost to the self confidence. Then the 1st legal first for the day at 7.46am... great.. no donut today.
There was still no sign of Les, but a radio call indicated that he wasn't too far away. Les was just getting into chatting range when my Chubby was crunched mid retrieve. The reverse on the mirage drive was called into action to avoid getting the hobie dragged onto the sharp coral / rocks in the shallows as the fish put on a very good account of itself especially on my light 2-6 lb rated rod. I was calling snapper but was proven wrong when I glimpsed a massive bream. Wow.. it was a stonker..and I let out a victory shout when it slipped into the net. It measured 36cm and would easily be within the top 5 largest bream that I've ever caught. Not often you get a bream that exceeds the legal length for snapper. The timestamp on the photo showed that it was captured at 8.06am. Les was kind enough to take a few happy snaps of the fish although I've yet to see how they turned out.
The current was starting to build now as I added another legal bream to the bag. No photos were warranted as It was somewhat anti climatic after the big stonker bream. Then incredibly... it happened again.. Hookup.. big, big fish and peeling drag like it wasn't even set. Exhilarating fun in the shallow water as the fish was totally in control and whatever it was, it was stronger than the big bream that I had recently landed. Then disaster struck as the line became snagged onto something that wasn't providing any give whatsoever. I peddled over to see if I could free it... WTF... there was what appeared to be a discarded bucket from a front end loader complete with tines that were sticking out as the perfect obstacle to snag a fishing line. Les came over to help but it was proving difficult in the now fast moving current and eventually the 8lb leader gave way thus losing both fish and lure... gutted to say the least!!

The strong current and wind which had now picked up was making this spot difficult to fish, so I decided to troll a lure to Morwong beach. This was rather uneventful and upon reaching the destination, I decided to throw a Jackall Chubby deep diver around. This proved fortuitous, as I hooked and landed a nice 38cm snapper at 10.33am.
Les made the mistake of putting out an anchor which got stuck and was causing all sorts of grief in the strong current which was further exacerbated by getting one of his lures caught on the anchor rope bag. He radioed for assistance and I managed to cut the lure free but having the anchor point at the centre of his yak was making it list ominously. Les eventually make the call for me to cut his anchor rope.

There was no more keepers for me but it was nice to have a high tide and a sandy beach to clean the fish at 1.22pm before heading back to the ramp. Yes, the last few hours were slow and unproductive but overall it was another great day out.
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Re: Coochie, Qld (16/7/2018)

#2 Post by Brendon » Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:54 pm

Nice report. Great looking part of the World too.
Attaching the anchor to the centre sounds sketchy to anchor trolley installed ?
Any how glad to hear it all worked out and a great reason to always fish with a buddy.

Thanks for sharing


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Re: Coochie, Qld (16/7/2018)

#3 Post by rocketV » Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:40 pm

good session, shame about the bust off! what a random thing to find out there.
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Re: Coochie, Qld (16/7/2018)

#4 Post by Kareless1 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:14 pm

Great report mate. Thanks for having your knife handy to cut my anchor rope. That was one BIG bream and watch you back pedal let me know you had something big on. That loader bucket will someday make a nice reef. Les :roll:
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Re: Coochie, Qld (16/7/2018)

#5 Post by arpie » Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:25 pm

Well done, Wongus - that bream looks way bigger than 36cm! They have some real PULL, don't they??

Shame about Les & his anchor - using them are way too dangerous in current - either offshore OR in esturaries ...... I haven't had one on my yak for 7-8 years! (Also too bloody noisy!!) Well done on using your knife!! :wink:

Great report

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