Tarpon tried to jump into the yak!

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Tarpon tried to jump into the yak!

#1 Post by Ads22 » Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:21 pm

I raced out for a quick session on Yeppen lagoon this afternoon. The wind had dropped and I was keen to have a look since it has been well over a year since my last paddle on the lagoon. I spend a lot of time on the road and pass this place pretty much every work day as I head out of town for jobs. Seeing the sun set over the lagoon is one of the reasons I was keen to get into a kayak. It was great to get on there again, a super simple launch and it surprised me just how deep it is - 10 metres in places.

I kept it pretty simple, trolling small hard bodies in the hope that I could tempt some Tilapia, but with the possibility of picking up a Barra, Tarpon or Catfish. Within 15 minutes on the water I had a good hook-up on the Atomic Shiner 60. The fish took off hard and threw some wicked little runs. Once I started feeling the twirls, I thought it had to be a catfish, but always hoped for a Barra, despite the cool of Winter. Unfortunately, the fish ran me into a snag, but I was able to retrieve the lure at least, with a line full of slime and a tangled lure with bent hooks.
I then worked up to the other end of the lagoon and back, losing the shiner to a snag in the process. :?:

Then back again to the Eastern end of the lagoon, before casting at swirling fish in the deepest section. After a few casts, I hooked up on the light outfit using a small Berkley Shimma Shad. After a few leaps, I was busted off. I quickly retrieved my trolled lure and switched for another Shimma Shad on the other line. After a handful of casts I hooked up again. This was a solid fish and threw a few jumps in, despite trying to keep it lower this time and stop being busted off. At one stage the fish tried to jump into the yak. Then the camera died, so winning the battle, I allowed the fish to peel some drag in 10m of water while I quickly changed the battery. The fish then came up quickly and had swallowed the lure requiring a little surgery to allow release.
It was a fun little session aimed at getting the yak wet again and managed to get a fish into the yak, too! Tarpon certainly are fun!
Until next time, happy fishing!

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