Mid week Barra, one up, two down.

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Mid week Barra, one up, two down.

#1 Post by Ads22 » Wed Mar 27, 2019 8:44 pm

Another mid-week session, another Barra hunt. I started this week's Barra hunt late due to some earlier commitments. As I got on the water at the Woolwash, I was paddling toward the target structure when I saw a cast net in the distance. Being fresh water, this is illegal in Queensland. I headed past my intended fishing spot and headed toward the area of activity. As I pushed closer, a ute took off back along the lagoon. I stopped and turned and headed back toward my target area and flicked a few times at a down tree with a Trick SwimZ. I was on at the pause and was quickly into battle with a mid-40s Oxeye Herring. It took a little while to subdue but it was released without any major incident. It had damaged the plastic, so I had to make so amendments to the rigging before continuing.
I headed back to the pylons and in the distance at the other end of the lagoon, the mystery cast net was flung again. I headed in that direction and again, the culprits took off in their ute. These grown men knew full well that what they were doing was wrong and twice took off at the sign of any attention. I hate seeing people deliberately ignore the law. I can understand mistakes, but blatant disregard for the law is not cool at all.

With my somewhat good deed in order, I headed back and started fishing properly. It took a lot of casts of the plastic to decide that I wasn't getting the attention I was after, so switched to a Bomber 15A. I haven't used these much, despite the reputation they have earned for themselves. I have a couple of gold ones in my armoury, however this was a cheaper one I picked up on sale somewhere along the way with tiger stripes - I think I've seen it called Tiger Lily or GPTBRO? I worked different retrieve patterns then bam, a few quick rips and I was on. The fish ran for the clear, phew! It didn't feel huge, but I had the drag pretty tight and it was still pulling line and towing me around. With some patience, I landed a 67cm Barra.
After a tag and release, I trimmed the leader and re-tied, then set back to it. I turned the head cam off, with the intention of starting it again, so as to know where the last fish was caught. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn it back on, and it was less than 10 minutes after the last fish and I was on again. A couple of quick rips, a pause and bam! This was a bigger fish and a thumbed spool steered it clear of the first pylon. I let the drag work from there and the fish got my past the next pylon. I had to close the gap and managed to clear the partial wrap quickly. The fish almost felt gone, but there was a dead weight for a moment, then it hammered off again. My paddle braced me between two pylons, preventing direct passage as the fish took to the air once, and then again! I snuck through the gap and steered the fish around the bow. This was a chunk of muscle. It turned me again and I think I avoided one jump, but then it turned back toward me and launched with a big slap. As the fish hit the water, the lure pulled clear of its mouth. Gone! Frustrated and excited, I took a moment and again trimmed the leader.
I kept working the Bomber for a while, but ended up feeling things were a bit quiet. After pulling a couple of lures from the pylons, I switched to an 89mm Prawn - either Ecooda or Zerek, I can't recall which. It didn't take long when, bumping the prawn through a snag I hooked up. The fish took off, pulling the line tight around a pylon and I saw a good swirl back toward me. I moved toward the pylon and the fish had run back the other way, clearing the wrap quickly. Another brief run and the hook pulled. Bah. Again. Still, hooking the fish is always better than no hits at all!
I worked the pylons over for a little longer but soon headed off to collect the kids. It was a pretty good session. We always rue dropping a fish, but it's so much better to actually hook them. At least this time it wasn't blatant operator error!

With a busy week ahead I probably won't get out, but I can always cross my fingers and hope! Until then, cheers and happy fishing!

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Re: Mid week Barra, one up, two down.

#2 Post by Rory222 » Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:51 pm

Fully agree it is better to have hooked and lost then never to have hooked at all 😜.

The second Barra looked like a goodin too.

Still I’d be happy with your landed fish. Nothing wrong with that!

Well done
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Re: Mid week Barra, one up, two down.

#3 Post by hillbilly » Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:06 pm

Great work again Adam. You certainly love that Barra fishing as do I. Jumping fish such as Tarpon, Barramundi, Blue Salmon etc will do me anytime. It's a pity that the bigger a Barramundi gets the less jumping it seems to do. Bill
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