Eel tailed catfish

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Eel tailed catfish

#1 Post by DirkZ » Sun Feb 09, 2020 11:35 am

Thought I'd share this as it was a new species for me. Been taking the kayak on the freshwater creek around the corner from me just to get on the water.
This was before the rains came. Got two bass and then hooked into this fish which gave quite an account of itself. When I got it to the kayak, the spots made me think of a murray cod, but then the head came up and i saw catfish. Only once netted I noticed the rest of the body and though what the heck!
It was a bit smelly so I quickly took some photos and dropped it back. Only afterwards I found that they are pretty scarce and somewhat protected in some waters. But they are apparently also good to eat - not for me though!
Eel tail catfish.jpg
Was cough on spinner blade attached to small soft plastic I put together
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Re: Eel tailed catfish

#2 Post by Ozzybass » Wed Mar 11, 2020 4:34 pm

Nice work! They are not a great lure target so you did well to get it on a jigspin. The one you caught is a Tandanus catfish, native to eastern Australia. They're cool creatures who build big circular nests of river stones. They need protection as they are one species which is adversely effected by carp. And yes, they are very nice to eat!

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