PB Reddie, Bream, Flathead & Pinkies

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PB Reddie, Bream, Flathead & Pinkies

#1 Post by Collie Yak » Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:21 pm


So crew, I've got a heap of built up leave. You get that after working a job for over 10 years! So I am in the process of knocking some of it out, I am working around my fire duties roster and taking every 4th week off over the summer. Lucky for me they happen to have lined up with a few Public Holidays and my leave is stretching just that bit further :lol: . I hear your jealous cries :blah: but for those that don't understand, I have missed 10 yrs of summer including many family events such as kids birthdays and waiting up at the station on Xmas day alone, you can cancel New Years as well! So its not all awesome.

2 days to tidy the yard and pack, 3 days camping, 1 day to unpack and clean then a nice little solo fishing session in the marina. Unfortunately then back to work, that sucks!!!


So the family and I settled on a camping trip to Pemberton to fresh water fish the Warren River and do a little kayaking. We asked a mate and his misso if they would like to join us. I spent Thursday and Friday sorting out the yard, gathering and cleaning camp gear while wifey worked and the kids attended school. We departed Friday arvo and arrived in the dark to set up camp.

We kayaked and fished all the next morning with Trudy picking up a little Rainbow Trout, trolling a "Warlock 39" 10 mtrs behind her yak. We dragged kayaks over logs and rocks to get to more ground but no more action was to be had. We didn't mind as it was awesome family time with us all on the river fishing. After lunch we left the camp site and toured Pemberton including the old fire tower trees. Late in the arvo I decided to have another crack! With 8 other kayakers on the river I didn't expect much but to my delight I scored my PB Reddie at 37.5cm and chunky as well! I scored this by casting an 8mtr Halco Poltergeist in a bright orange with a black top with tiger stripes. The depth was 5 mtrs so it was hitting the bottom and structure making lots of noise.
The next day my mate and his misso joined us but unfortunately no more fish were to be caught. A trip to the pub helped with the disappointment and after 3 Days of camping with literally thousands of March flies we were all done!
Click for Pics crew :lek:
http://www.breammaster.com/forum/album. ... ctureid=53
http://www.breammaster.com/forum/album. ... ctureid=55
http://www.breammaster.com/forum/album. ... ctureid=54
http://www.breammaster.com/forum/album. ... ctureid=57
If anyone can explain how I can put pics up other than how I've done it please do. :cool:


On my last day of holidays I managed to get a solo Yak session at a Marina, I wasn't disappointed. Watch the vid crew and see how the session turned out.

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