Caught something really special or unusual from your kayak then please share it in here
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#1 Post by Collie Yak » Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:57 pm

Hi Crew

Thought I'd smash a few vids on here for you all to watch if your keen. I would like some feed back if you have time.

WA Bream Classic - My First Fishing Tournament

I've wanted to have a crack at the Tournaments for awhile now, I finally got my chance and I'd been fishing real well in the lead-up but it wasn't to be my day. :oops:

Bream For Dayz

I had an old back injury flare up playing vets Hockey, that kicked me out of the Kayak for awhile so whats a bloke to do to get his fix, walk the banks :lol:

Date Day With Wifey

I've got the best Wife going lads, she loves getting out on the Yak for a fishing session :lek:

Herring & Skippy Hamlin Bay

I completely crabbed out on this years Salmon run up the West Coast, but nothin like getting out in the bay a day after a whale stranding to catch Hezza and Skip Jack while heaps of Sharks are being sighted in the bay :lol:

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