Pill Bottles

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Pill Bottles

#1 Post by revolt » Fri Nov 30, 2018 8:28 am

I use old recycled plastic pill bottles to store my hooks, lures,swivels etc. One problem is getting labels and sticky glue off of them. To get them clean put some hot water inside to soften glue and peel off label. Then to remove remaining glue, you wipe it with cooking oil on a some paper towel. It works great. :glad:

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Re: Pill Bottles

#2 Post by Ozzybass » Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:53 pm

Why don't you just use Orange Power Goo Remover?

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Re: Pill Bottles

#3 Post by dinodadog » Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:08 am

Drill a few holes in them and they are perfect to put dog pellets in for shrimp traps, only half fill as the pellets expand,

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Re: Pill Bottles

#4 Post by robsea » Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:54 am

Thanks for the tip revolt! I use them to store hooks and jig heads past their prime before sending them to the trash. I'll give your method a go.


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Re: Pill Bottles

#5 Post by laneends » Tue Dec 04, 2018 5:55 pm

Used to use them as mini sinker/burley pots in fresh water. The ones with the secure lids on. Sinker inside of lid with hole for the line through cap, then pack 'em with concentrated burley which filters out through holes drilled in side. Then when you cast them in being on the end of your line they are right by your bait. Top them up each cast.

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Re: Pill Bottles

#6 Post by Kareless1 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:32 pm

Thanks for the tip Dinoda as I've been spending money on small containers, you little rippa mate! Les :shout:
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