GoPro 3 Battery Back Pac

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GoPro 3 Battery Back Pac

#1 Post by XDCammer » Tue Feb 05, 2019 8:14 pm

If you require a GoPro Battery Pac for a Hero 3, do not get this one. # 109903 (A Gopro accessory and written on the packaging that it will fit a Gopro 3 camera)
The F#### Backdoor will not fit the Gopro 3 housing, just 3+ and 4.

Here is a site that you will get the RIGHT backdoor from, and batteries too........ ... ero3-4-sta

Just spreadin the word.

I have NO financial interests with this company, just pissed off with purchases I have already paid for that don't fit. (and before you say, "Why diddn't you check it??????), Well I did, and ordered the right product which diddn't fit.

Being I'm going to South West Rocks soon, I'm not going to stuff around with idiots who don't know their products.

Damn, the price of an education.................. Yeah, I'm pissed off alright.

Buyers "beware".

At leased the F$#@!%^& batteries charged!

Hopefully this will save some other poor bastard some cash.

Cheers Bobby B.
Time spent on reconnaissance is time never wasted.

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Re: GoPro 3 Battery Back Pac

#2 Post by Paulioq » Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:46 am

ahh the wild west of online item description. I feel your pain. some dubious retailers either 1# don't know there own product or 2# will say anything to get a sale.

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