Kayak Music

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Kayak Music

#1 Post by philthyphil » Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:19 pm

I recently had great couple of weeks in Arpie's turf and had a ball.
Bought a new Outback from Michelle in Port Stephens and caught plenty of fish.
My wife would get angry at me because I did not take my phone & she could not contact me.
I was worried that my phone might get wet if I tried to answer it.
Problem solved and music to boot!
A portable splashproof blue tooth speaker!
$39.00 from JB hifi.
Bush 2.JPG
I can listen to music using Pandora streaming through my securely placed phone & can answer any calls I have from my broker or wife using the inbuilt microphone.
I clip it on my seat for easy access.
I know that most like the "serenity" when kayak fishing but I like a few tunes while I fish.
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Re: Kayak Music

#2 Post by arpie » Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:21 pm

GREAT idea, Phil! I have my mobile in a WP container - but it is a pain to get it out before the person stops ringing!! :lol:



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Re: Kayak Music

#3 Post by MrPinkie » Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:10 pm

I help out with a website that sells some stuff for this. The waterproof headphones are good to listen to tunes through your phone out on the water. There's even one with a waterproof mic so you can literally 'talk underwater' lol.
http://www.waterproofiphonecase.com.au/ ... headphones

At the other end of the spectrum is this video I saw not too long ago - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRUW2VAwyEk It's pretty funny actually - a full boom box on a yak.

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