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Toomulla Today

#1 Post by NorthSIKer » Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:02 pm

Managed a morning paddle off Toomulla today.

Reports are that the doggies and even some spaniards have been about some days. I had no such luck. Two sharks on the troll - one a 4 footer that ran really fast for 100m after the hit then swam fast back to the boat (so had me thinking it was a spaniard til the end :cry: ).

Also tried a little bottom fishing - one small grassy sweetlip (took the fly above the salted prawn which was a surprise) and a couple of grinner. Bite stopped when the tide topped out.

Saw some dolphins and also the strangest thing - five osprey circling my kayak. I often see ospreys but they never come to the boat and I have never seen more than two together before.

Conditions were excellent and water was green, but not dirty. Would have been a great day to head out to Rattlesnake had I had a full day.

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