Social Bream Challenge (Results and Trip Reports)

If you like competing in a friendly, low pressure setting then this is a great place to check out our social competitions
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Re: Social Bream Challenge (Results and Trip Reports)

#31 Post by arpie » Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:28 pm

We continued fishing the shallows - in the far distance I could see Rob doing battle with numerous larger vessels that were hooning along the breakwall & I opted to stay in the shallows, spooking flatties, every turn i made! :md: The peace & calm was shattered as this HUGE NOISE started up & it looked like we were in the direct path of the sea plane, about to take off!! Luckily it taxied around us & headed up river.
It was nearly 2 oclock, & I'd had a fun day on the water with my buddies - just as I was about to head back to the boat ramp, we saw that Dom was putting his PA in the water - terrific to meet up with Dom again (I had difficulty putting him in the picture at SWR, tho he assures me he was there & had even talked to me!! Sorry mate - old age catching up with me!) Look forward to hooking up with you again next time!
I pedalled back to the boat ramp, chucking sps at the jetty poles, for no result ..... and headed back to the lodge for a well earned rest!!

Well done to all those who managed to land legal bream today - none of us caught any legals that I am aware of ...... those fish that Fergie landed were a terrific result!!! Congrats on coming in 1st, Fergie! And a well deserved 2nd for Stephen too!! Good one, guys!!

Oh yes - I now know why the closest car park to the co-op (next to the fish cleaning table) is always vacant for 'out of towners'!! Yep - I got back to the camper on Sat to find it absolutely plastered by a pelican that must have had diarrhea!! I filled an empty bottle up & using our broom, managed to clean up the mess before it damaged the duco ...... then drove over to the supermarket to buy some bits before heading back to the unit ....... I came back & found that it had been deliberately tartgetted for bombing practise AGAIN!! How good was that pelican to hit OUR camper again, when it was surrounded by other cars that were not hit at all!!! :ang: You can see on the right, where I'd already cleaned it 1/2hr earlier, above the trakka sign!
Cheerio for now - looking forward to the Bass Comp now!! :ha:


Oh yeah - Danny reckoned he missed out on catching the BIGGEST bream by 'this much'!! :snic: :snic:
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Re: Social Bream Challenge (Results and Trip Reports)

#32 Post by waterbaby1972 » Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:02 pm

sweet report Roberta... not so great about the blood though. flattys have a great knack of spiking... I managed to bleed all over my fish measuring board that I made even before I hit the water :bb: and never got to use it either :shout1: I always used to worry about driving up the freeway in Perth, pelicans perch on top of them and I'd wonder if i'd have enough water in my window washers to clean any bombings off :snic:

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Re: Social Bream Challenge (Results and Trip Reports)

#33 Post by LesSimmo » Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:48 am


Bird bombing is supposed to be a sign of good luck. So don't worry about the pelican bombing your car.

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Re: Social Bream Challenge (Results and Trip Reports)

#34 Post by Feral » Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:43 am

Benn an accident or two caused by Pelicans "bombing" cars on the redcliffe bridge! They sit on the overhead lights after a big feed and do what comes naturally!

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