Social Bass Challenge II (Results and Trip Reports)

If you like competing in a friendly, low pressure setting then this is a great place to check out our social competitions
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Social Bass Challenge II (Results and Trip Reports)

#1 Post by Leper » Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:44 am

Well it was a tough competition for many competitors who due to the weather and river conditions were unable to get out for a fish.

Congratulations to Dishley for firstly winning the Challenge and secondly for getting our first 50cm+ in a bass competition. Awesome stuff mate.

Congratulations also to Mirch_maric for his second place and putting Dish onto his big girl!

Please post all your trip reports here and if you did a donut feel free to give tell us whether you did or did not get out! :ts:

Thanks again for your support of these events especially those that have fished almost all of them.


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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#2 Post by Feral » Fri Dec 24, 2010 8:16 am

I'm surprised anyone on the east coast managed a bass, its tough at the moment. Congratulations to those who did.

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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#3 Post by Jen » Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:39 am

Congrats to dishley and all the bassers who managed to get out
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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#4 Post by Estuary Girl » Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:40 am

Feral wrote:I'm surprised anyone on the east coast managed a bass, its tough at the moment. Congratulations to those who did.
Didn't leave any safe options for the local river's that I was game to do! :sad1:
Thank god for CIW...even in atrocious conditions it was the best session I have had there.
Thanks to John(Silver19) for showing me a better launch spot too! :bye:
Congratulations to all who managed to find fish.

Kindest regards.

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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#5 Post by snagmagnet » Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:48 pm

Congrats to dishley what a nice fish! and thanks again to leper for putting it all togther. I will put up a report as soon as the better -half lets me stop cleaning for xmas

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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#6 Post by RUG » Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:04 pm

Congrats Ashley on the win.......

..........but I'm peeved with myself. I had 868mm worth of Bass but as it didn't look good with dates and work I didn't bother entering. :ang: :ang: :ang: But on the other side of the coin I thank Brez for: 1-putting me onto two PBs within 20mins of each other and 2-Showing me a wicked new possie to hunt them and 3- for making it one of my best fishing days ever.
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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#7 Post by Leper » Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:08 pm

The weather hasn’t been very friendly of late and right on cue we had 65mm of rain just prior to our trip chasing the mighty bass. A couple of days of anxiously watching the river levels drop and the rain to go away put the trip back on track but we were a little dubious as to the conditions when we arrived at the launch point.

We arrived at dawn and after dropping Enjoyfish1’s (Tristan's) car off at the exit point we made or way to the entry point.. With Tristan’s kayak prepped and ready to go he dragged it down to the small creek which was our entry. It was only about 3 metres wide and 2 foot deep and we always had a few practice casts to get out the cobwebs. As I prepped my kayak, Tristan had a few casts of his Feather Crank into this small hole. On about the tenth cast there was a boof in the dark and the inevitable “I’m On”. A quick fight in the skinny water and Tristan had bagged a 38.5cmFL bass. What a start to the morning and it had us excited as to what the day held in store.
IMG_0153 (Medium).jpg
The paddle down the side creek resulted in my Sammy being boofed and missed and then nothing much else when we reached the main arm of the system. There was a lot more flow than other trips and dawn showed that the water was really muddy like a strong milky coffee. It was a very quiet morning with Tristan picking up a few small models between 30-34cmFL on his Jackall Aragon and I managed another small fish of 30cmFL on a Jackall Cherry. The highlight was watching Tristan get his Aragon caught in a tree and in the process of removing it and the lure hitting the water it was instantly engulfed by another 38cmFL bass. This was a great start for Tristan in the Social competition and the morning had just begun. The frustrating thing was that the bass were being caught in random parts of the creek with little pattern to their behaviour. As always this frustrated me!!
IMG_0155 (Medium).jpg
IMG_0158 (Medium).jpg
We eventually reached a part of the creek where another sizeable creek entered. Usually it runs crystal clear and although a little milky it still was much clearer than the main creek. Although we had walked up this creek on our last visit with little success we decided to have another look as the noise of cicadas was very loud and there was more water than our previous visit. Tristan had a hit on his Sammy early with no hook-up and the next pool I was smacked twice without luck. A few pools later Tristan missed a nice fish off the surface and eventually I managed a 35cmFL bass in another pool.

After a little chat and a bit of exercise we decided to hike up further. Eventually we came to a large pool that opened up and was covered in shade. It went a fair way but the banks were covered in vegetation and it was too deep to wade. After discussing the merits of walking back and continuing to our exit or exploring this creek we decided to grab the yaks and move upstream as we had had some nice surface success.

After some tough portage we eventually made it back to the yaks, dragged/kayaked upstream and made our way into the new pool. Tristan and I managed another bass each at 35 and 38cmFL in this pool on our Sammy’s and this began an afternoon of good surface action. The next pool I cast below some rapids and managed another 35cmFL bass. We continued casting into the deep pools where shade was available or where the rapids could hide fish and were continually rewarded with fish between 30 – 38cmFL most being enticed by Tristan.
IMG_0164 (Medium).jpg
IMG_0168 (Medium).jpg
Eventually we came to a pool that had it all, a nice rocky cliff face, deep shade from a large tree and rapids at its head. The cicadas were screaming in the trees above us and the pool screamed bass. Tristan offered to man the video and I cast towards the back of the cliff and walked my Sammy along the face with the current. After a few metres there was an explosion of water and the lure was engulfed. The fish was a nice size and after some tricky manoeuvring and an awful attempt at landing the bass which was comic to say the least I managed a 40cmFL. The best thing was that upon reviewing the footage we Tristan had made a cracking video. Follow the link below;
IMG_0170 (Medium).jpg
Some more portage and we reached another massive pool. I offered to video Tristan have a cast at a nice stack of boulders on the bank mixed up with a reasonable log and some deep shade. Tristan decided not to have it filmed and as Murphy’s law would have it the instant the Sammy hit the water a good sized bass pole-axed it and missed another twitch and the water erupted again. The second cast yielded a similar result and then nothing. Double bugger! It would have been some great footage and a great fish to boot. This pool yielded a good number of bass and missed opportunities and then it was time to head home.
IMG_0172 (Medium).jpg
IMG_0173 (Medium).jpg
We managed a few more fish in the 30’s casting at the same holes on the way down and then we reached the dirty water of the main arm. Both of us managed a few fish in the dirty water with Tristan’s Aragon nailing quite a few and I managed a few on the Sammy. By the time we reached the exit point we were tired and sore and although I vowed not to fish water this dirty again, it had forced us to explore new country and we had discovered a great new location. Tristan had managed over twenty fish and me about a dozen and although the fish hadn’t been huge it was still a good day’s basin
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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#8 Post by rocketV » Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:49 pm

well done to all who ventured out in such trying conditions.
I was planning to hit up some creek bass, but alas the spots I knew were unfishable so I changed plan and headed down to Clear Island Waters at Robina on the Gold Coast.
My previous experiences there led me to believe that I was a good chance of getting some fish, but that the size of the local inhabitants would be minimal.
As it turned out this was very true.
I arrived not long after dawn on a fine, still morning, but even so, there was very little surface action evident.
I persisted surface fishing for about an hour anyway, and saw a few small boofs but got no action despite a number of lure and location changes.
I then rigged two shallow divers and trolled my way down toward the gates. I often catch good sized bream with this approach as well as the resident bass, but for the next hour or so my lures got no love.
I was still enjoying my peddal around looking at the Million Dollar Mansions that fringe these canals, oh to be wealthy and idle :fg:
It wasn't until I trolled along the edge of a weed bank close to the shore that my rod started bucking in the holder and I almost fell out with shock :ll:
It was only a little tacker of about 20cm, but I was on the board, and this re-charged my batteries to keep trying even though the Sun was getting higher in the sky and I was sneezing my head off with a nasty hayfever attack.
I turned around and retraced the same troll line for another hit, turned and did the same again for another little fella of the same calibre. :ha: Full bag :ha:
Unfortuantly this full bag came to less total length than just one average fish would measure at my preferred location. :sad1:
Oh well, you can only catch the fish that are there, so I continued my search for bigger and better.
It was not long after this that I finally found where all the fish were hiding.
As I trolled my way out of the main basin and into one of the canals, I was pleasantly surprised when not one, but both rods were bouncing away with feisty little bass attached via Halco RMG Scorpion 35's. Both fish were only small, but upgrades still on my previous captures, so after the semi-controlled mayhem of a double hook up and subsequent landing and pics, I did a U-Turn, got both lures back in the water and as if by magic within 50m I was doubled up again! :ha:
This pattern continued for the next hour or so with every pass getting either 1 or 2 fish smashing my lures.
310 CIW bass.JPG
245 CIW bass.JPG
Sometimes the hits were almost similtaneous, but other instances I just kept slow peddaling when I had one fish on and the other lure got hit too.
By this time my hayfever was in full force, so much so I could barely see to take pictures and my nose was running so much the bass were in danger of being snotted to death, so I pulled the pin and trolled back to the launch site.
I covered a lot of water both before and after I found the school, but of the 30+ fish I caught that day only 4 of them were taken outside of this small area of maybe 100m long. The features that this area had were a depth change from 4m up to 1.5m over approx 30m and close proximity to the canal edge and a bank of long grass in the water behind a house.
Who knows if they were there the day before or the day after, but they sure were there that day...and they were hungry :snic: .
Only Bass attacked my lures, who knows where the bream were?
All fish were released, though some were a little snotty :smi:
thanks for reading and also thanks to Brad for the organising.
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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#9 Post by Biggles » Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:25 pm

Yep, rain and swollen rivers prevented my nominated day from yielding any results, we can still get out wide in the salt but the fresh is totally screwed for most :ts:

Well done Dish


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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#10 Post by Jools » Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:46 pm

Congrats to Dishley and to all who participated.
Good report and pics Leper and Rocket V. Looks like a great place to have a fish.
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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#11 Post by FisherMitch48 » Sat Dec 25, 2010 11:47 am

First of all I must say a big thanks to Brad for organising another great social event and congratulations to everyone who managed to get out on the water and land a few fish despite the less than perfect conditions. I must say I was looking forward to spending a couple of days fishing with Ash (dishley) and couldn’t wait to show him some stunning water and hopefully a few big bass we North coasters are lucky enough to have in our backyard. After meeting Ash on the Wednesday afternoon, and a fun session on a few bream and bass in a nearby creek, we discussed the plan for the following day.

A 4am wakeup and a quick stop into McDonalds’ saw us launching the yaks at first light. Ash stuck with the ever faithful Sammy and I decided to persist with a larger Kingfisher Mantis in the hope of raising a few larger fish. It wasn’t long before Ash raised a few small fish on the Sammy and things were looking good for the morning. Ash ended up with 5 fish from this pool, the biggest about 30cm and as we were approaching the first set of rapids I cast the kingfisher up into a deep back eddy and raised the first sizable fish for the morning which failed to find the hooks.
For the next pool I downsized my lure to a black River2sea cicada and managed to raise the only 3 fish from this pool, the biggest only 28cm, although I must say I was happy to escape the donut. Then we came to a split in the river at the end of the pool and decided to walk the yaks up a shallow side creek instead of battling the logs and rapids in the main river. After about 400m we began to question wether this creek would connect back up again, but luckily not long after we finally found ourselves back on the main river and fishing, although we had skipped a rather nice section of river :bb: .
I put in a cast above the rapids and the lure was instantly engulfed but I failed to hook up to what looked like a very nice fish, bugger :baf: ! By now it was nearly 9am and I was a little disappointed with the slow surface bite as we failed to raise any more fish from this pool and only 1 small fish from the next, but as we entered the next pool the heavens opened up and then came the remark from Ash. “I always seem to do well in the rain”. Not long after Ash landed a couple small bass straight away again on the Sammy and it wasn’t long before he was onto a better fish going 35cm. No sooner than releasing it he put a quick cast parallel along the bank and the Sammy was again smashed :md: by a nice fish going 388mm on the ruler.
I decided to give the baitcaster a rest and made a switch to the light spin outfit with a black River2sea bubble pop and soon found myself onto a hard hitting little bass going 331mm. A little further up I skipped the popper into a shady overhang and as expected it was smashed as a good fish tore off line nearly launching itself up onto the bank, I managed to extract the fish from cover but then pulled the hooks which both came back straightened, :re: , although we were soon having a laugh over the entertaining spectacle :snic: .
We made the call to turn around as the rain was not easing off and managed a couple more fish off the surface along the way. We got back to the car around midday and I made the call to go downstream and hopefully pick up a few larger fish from a creek I had fished a few weeks ago. Despite being the middle of the day, the cicadas were very noisy in the trees above and I was very confident of raising a few fish on surface.
I put a long cast up in shallow water beside a tree and a large fish charged the popper and tore off back to the tree, I was in all sorts of trouble and he soon had the line entwined between the branches then the feeling of dead weight, Shit, I lost him! As a was paddling towards the snag to my surprise the fish was still attached and swam back into open water, and then charged right back into a tangled mess of branches, after a couple of tense moments I some how managed to handline the fish back through the snag and into the net, luck was definitely on my side for this fish and it turned out to be my best for the day at 405mm. :ha:
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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#12 Post by FisherMitch48 » Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:04 pm

I ended up landing another nice fish from this pool going 35cm, and Ash landed another two fish in the next pool on the Sammy going 355mm and the other his second best for the day at 39cm.
We pulled the yaks up on the bank at the next set of rapids and decided to walk up to the next pool and have a couple of casts before heading back as it was now 1pm and we were pretty keen for a hot pie back in town. Ash walked up ahead to cast his Sammy at the base of a cliff and I cast my popper into a fallen tree on the opposite bank when both our lures were smashed at exactly the same time and we had a spectacular simultaneous double hook-up which I am sure both of us will remember for a long time. My fish went 362mm and Ash’s fish a similar size but managed to kick away before a pic.
After grabbing some pies from the local bakery, which tasted pretty darn good, I was keen to explore some new water near the base of the mountain with the theory that the larger fish would be a lot further upstream than where we had fished earlier. We came to a shallow, clear fast flowing section of river and launched the yaks. Ash put in a cast with the Sammy only 10m from the bridge and to my amazement a bass around 45cm came out and nailed his lure but didn’t find the hooks, things were looking very promising so we continued upstream…. :fg:
The next couple of pools were quite deep but only produced a couple very small fish. We got out and dragged the yaks over a fairly serious set of rapids and came to a shallow pool with a little bit of depth on the left hand side.
As I was taking in the scenery, Ash had a tiny swirl behind his Sammy and then without commotion it was plucked off the surface. I turned around to see him hooked up and struggling to keep what looked like a nice fish from burying him in the bank, I could see he was onto a rather large bass by the load on his rod and the way the fish was powering into the bank so I paddle over to see if I could lend a hand, about a minute later the fish finally gave in and he let out an overwhelming cheer as he netted the fish, I didn’t realise how large the fish was until we paddled to the shallows and I walked over and peered into his net. :re: The big girl went 49cm to the fork and I couldn’t help but shake his hand and congratulate him on such a magnificent fish, a few quick photos and we watched her power back off to the depths.
After that fish Ash was grinning all afternoon and he left it up to me to fish the last couple of pools before heading home. A little further up from where Ash landed his fish I missed a nice fish which came clean out of the water to smash the lure. On the last pool I put a cast with the popper up into a deep back eddy and a nice fish came out and smacked the popper, and after putting up a very good account of himself in the fast water I landed the last fish of the day and my second best going 382mm.
All in all it was a great day, we managed around 30 fish between us and Ash managed to smash his old Pb by a wopping 75mm, I don't think he will top that anytime soon :tong:
Everyone have a Merry Christmas!
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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#13 Post by nigel » Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:24 pm

On ya dish man

Pommy Nigel

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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#14 Post by woodsy » Sat Dec 25, 2010 3:26 pm

I headed to Danjera dam 18/12/10 to see if i could raise a few fish for the bass challenge i fished here a few weeks ago with great success arriving at 5.00 there was already a car at the launch area.I set up and was on the water at around 5.30 i had only packed 1 spin rod with 4 diving lures and the fly rod with 3 surface fly's as i was heading over to the first bay i had planed on fishing when i seen a fish surface so i grabbed the fly rod after a few false casts to get some line out i had my first cast into the area next minute the fly gets smashed and i am onto my first bass for the morning in the haste to get in the loose line the reel falls off the rod while trying to keep pressure on the fish i managed to refit the reel alls good and still have the fish on i get him to the net a rough measure it was just over 30cm
A new pb on fly so into the live well he goes i keep working my way along the reeds getting some sort of interest about every 4th cast still working along the reeds i get another fish this one was around 35cm mark so into the well he goes this is turning into a great morning i get a few more fish around the 23cm to 27cm mark so i head back to the car to ditch the spin rod one less thing for the fly line to get tangled on.Back at the car the other fisherman was having brekkie he had just got back we had a chat and he also took some pics of me with the fish after putting the fish on the lie detector the just over 30cm came in at 29cm and the 35cm came in at 343mm.Heading back out i get about 8 fish in the 22cm to 30cm range i am having a top morning the next fish i get goes 341mm i fish along th dam wall getting a lot of hits but no hookups at the next reed bank i was berried 3 times in the around 10.00 the wind started to blow so i decided to call it a day in total i landed about 20 bass ranging in size 22cm to 34cm.
a big thanks to Leper for running the comps you are doing a great job.
341mm bass.JPG
343mm bass.JPG
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Cheers Bill

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Re: Social "Christmas" Bass Challenge Results and Trip Repor

#15 Post by dishley » Sat Dec 25, 2010 4:20 pm

Nice report Mitch, I can't add much to that.
Thanks again to Leper for organising everything

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