Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

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Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#1 Post by Leper » Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:34 pm

Well another SFC has come to a finish and it seems the weather has plagued the running of the comp again. Many competitors struggled to get out and those that did had to contend with high winds, rain or water that was muddy and diluted with freshwater. Of the 75 competitors only 54 received their UFN and many fished in terrible conditions just to have a crack at getting a fish and on the scoreboard.

So well done to all those that got some flathead and an even bigger congratulations to rocketV for taking out the fifth SFC. I have a new Blade pack from Frank Milito of East Gippsland Fishing Charters coming your way that was kindly donated to KFDU as a Giveaway!

Now its time to hear about all your trips and how you went. Tell us what you did whether you caught a flathead, caught everything but flathead, didn't catch a fish or why you just couldn't get out and amongst it!

Cheers everyone and look forward to the next one!

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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#2 Post by Biggles » Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:46 pm

Firstly congrats to all those that braved the elements and got out onto the water, with a huge 3 cheers for Rocket :cool: that's a quality score fella.

Many thanks to Brad for the time and effort in putting this thing together again, especially given it's popularity. A huge thanks to Frank Milito from East Gippsland Fishing Charters for throwing a set of quality blades our way, and I'm sure Rocket will have a bucket load of fun on them soon.
Leper wrote:Tell us what you did whether you caught a flathead, caught everything but flathead, didn't catch a fish or why you just couldn't get out and amongst it!
Easy really, I caught the flu virus the week before and was blowing flathead coloured flem as late as the Friday night, so I withdrew before I even began :oops: There is always next time.


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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#3 Post by YakTTMax » Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:09 pm

Congrats to all, bring on the reports..
All the best, Rob..:bye:
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#4 Post by Cefiro » Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:12 pm

My first try at any fishing comp. had fun nothing all day bumped into jen on the water and as she was loading up to leave BANG and it was on with a 50.7 cm but wait theres more with a sad twist for me. :cry:
bang a hit and a run then nothing so i started to jig once more the bang on again had a good little fight with the new pb for me all excited i quickley paddled to solid ground whiped out the bragmatt took a little victory vid and pic and released the bad boy only to realize NOOOOOOOOO my ufn, a sweet burn a new pb at 66cm but not a contender still managed to land one with the ufn. good fun :gu: note to self stick ufn to bragmat for next time.
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#5 Post by robbo57 » Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:16 pm

Congrats rocketV and well done Brad. Been waiting for the reports to start so come on people we need something fishy to read.
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#6 Post by Brissyfisho » Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:25 pm

Didn't manage to get out at all. I'm just waiting to hear why funpaddle was disqualified :devil:
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#7 Post by simons rat » Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:47 pm

I went with Leper ... he caught all his fish before I got there, as I went to the Lure Expo first. I got a little one and dropped it before measuring it.
Brad has a story to tell about this:
Even though the fishing slowed when i got there it was still a good day. Thanks for the invite leper.


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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#8 Post by chris_and » Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:53 pm

Did not have a chance to get out because the roof racks were not on the car at the time. :grr: Played ping pong all day instead.
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#9 Post by Leper » Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:12 am

Brissyfisho wrote:Didn't manage to get out at all. I'm just waiting to hear why funpaddle was disqualified :devil:
Nothing too exciting! :grin: His camera stuffed up on him poor bugger and the only photos he could submit werer two very blurry photos of flathead with no UFN's that could be seen in the pics to identify they were caught in the comp. I guestimated how big the flathead were in the photos and placed his score in the list to at lease recognise his efforts! :wink:


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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#10 Post by arpie » Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:20 am

WOW!! Excellent results given the weather as it was!! Congrats ROcket & Brad on top 2 places!!

Bugger!! I should have re-read the rules!! I didn't see that it was the top 2 fish to submit!! I had another one that went 37cm! Silly Billy!!

We had the most atrocious weather leading up to & during most of the targeted 'dates' for the comp - freezing cold with gale force wind & interspersed rain squalls - it was difficult finding a day that was not too atrocious - finally it happened, last Wed!

I got out finally for 4hrs on Wed morning, before my 2 ukulele classes - starting at 1pm. The wind had dropped, it wasn't raining & it wasn't even that cold!!

Initially, I had a shocker! I took one rod out with PE line & the other with Berkley Crystal (which I used to love!) EVERY cast with the crystal ended up with a big wind knot. I undid the first one & then just cut off the others, as they were so bad! My casts were going everywhere except where I wanted them. At one stage, I had a heap of PE stuck under a raft of oyster tubes, stuck all round the sharp oysters, with a $25 lure at the end somewhere ......I didn't want to get cut off & lose the braid, let alone the lure! A buddy (Pro fisherman) happened by & helped me out there, holding the lure end of the line - he said - I can see your lure over there! :oops: Luckily I got it all back without losing any line (on the 1000 Certate, it doesn't hold that much line! A BIG cast & you are almost to the backing! So any loss of line would have been bad!)

I hooked a small one but it jumped off the hook as I got the net to it! :?: Even 'non legals' counted, so this pissed me off! I could hear bream kissing EVERYWHERE, but I wasn't allowing myself to even think of them! I was chucking divers, SPs, Gulp - anything I thought may work! I was in an area near the Cut (that is famous for flatties), but even my Pro FIsho was complaining that there were no flatties around! I finally caught a just legal 37cm & got a pic. Almost embarrassing! Not submitting it was worse!!

With less than 1hr to go (& I couldn't overstay because I had people arriving for uke classes .......) I started heading back towards the car. I went across a yabby bed area that I'd got stuck on coming over on the low tide ...... but now the tide was rising, so I thought I'd make it across this time ...... WRONG!

I was casting as I went then WHAM, I hit the shallows with the mirage drive! I shoved the rod into the rear rod holder & grabbed my net to use as a 'paddle/push me' and blow me down, 2 secs later, the rod 'goes off' with what is obviously a good fish!! I had a gulp 2" shrimp on it & I reckon it must have been following the lure, then when I stopped to grab the 'paddle net' & started again, the fish must have pounced on it!! The rod was bent double & I had fun getting it out of the holder! This one came to the net & jumped in - a nice fat 57cm flattie!! Thank God, I was on the board with a 'reasonable' one!! With 1/2hr to go!

I took a pic - bugger! No Nose in shot
I took another pic - bugger - no tail in shot
Hmmmm ...... that tail is still missing!
The tail is STILL missing!!
Yeehaa!! Success at last! A decent pic with both snout & tail in shot!!
Therein lies my flattie tale - or was it tail??!! Oooops - just checked the first pic & it's tail wasn't fully in the pic either!! :oops:

Many thanks, Brad for all the hard work that you put into the comp - we really appreciate it!! A round of applause from everyone, please! :lek: :bye:



I've been laid up pretty well ever since with my stupid hip (the right one this time!), but it was 3hrs in the garden the next day that did it, not the 4hrs in the yak!! Finally starting to walk a bit better today & caught up with Drew (from Vic) who is up visiting with family. I hope to get out with him on my yaks before they leave on Sun, if the weather & the hip allows! Once again, it has been bitterly cold & very windy with squally rain! :grr:
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#11 Post by Leper » Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:46 am

Well my intention had been to head out on the first Saturday of the competition with Biggles but the prediction had been for very wet weather and wind so I cancelled the trip on the Friday when the weather was terrible. When I woke the next morning the weather gurus had got it wrong and the day ended up being relatively pleasant. Oh well that’s Murphy’s Law!

So the trip was rescheduled for the following weekend but this time the wind was up over 25 knots and so another weekend went down the gurgler. As I postponed the trip for yet another week I desperately watched the weather which seemed to be settling down only for the wind to pick up yet again for the Saturday. In the end I made the decision that I was going on the final day of the comp regardless of the weather.

Unfortunately Biggles had been laid flat with a nasty flu but a quick call to Simons Rat had him meeting up with me at my local later in the afternoon to finish the session.

I headed off early and arrived at my launch site at 6am. The tide had already began its run out and the conditions looked perfect. With eager anticipation I geared up the kayak and hit the water. Initially I headed up stream while the current was fairly gentle with the intention of allowing it to take me downstream when it picked up the pace. I cast at the first few drains and inner bends in the river with no luck. It wasn’t until I reached one of my favourite banks that I managed my first fish.
P7290862 (Medium).JPG
This bank was atypical habitat for flathead but for whatever reason I always seemed to manage to find a fish or two. Casting my 100mm Squidgie Wriggler in Black Gold it was slammed hard and I was onto what felt like a good fish. The fish lacked the tell-tale head shakes of a flathead but I was still optimistic that it might be my target species until the dark black spotted body of an Estuary Cod came to the surface. At 38cm it was a great way to start the trip and meant I had avoided the dreaded donut even though I was not on the scoreboard.
P7290870 (Medium).JPG
P7290876 (Medium).JPG
P7290877 (Medium).JPG
It wasn’t long before I was on again and I managed a small pike on a home-made lure that a friend had sent me from Townsville. He has started making his own lures from Resin and I have to say that are an awesome quality. The best thing was that I was able to design my own colour pattern for flathead; the worst thing was that I managed to lose the lure 30 minutes later after the leader failed. I think the Pike had damaged the leader and I had missed the abrasion.
P7290878 (Medium).JPG
I continued targeting my usual structures but the flathead seemed very quiet for this system. So I changed my tactic and switched to a 100mm Z-Man Curly Tail in Motor Oil and I began casting at structure in the hope that I might find some other fish to entertain me while I waited for the tide to drop further to the conditions I find ideal to target flathead.
P7290884 (Medium).JPG

It wasn’t long until finally my SP was picked up and I finally felt the characteristic headshakes of a flathead on the other end. It was a good fish to start my Bag and at 54cm I was very happy to kick off the SFC V with some points on the board.
P7290881 (Medium).JPG
I headed downstream and I returned to the bank where I had caught the cod in the hope some flathead had moved in with the dropping tide. Sure enough s I neared the end of the bank my Z-Man was picked up again and although not a monster fish at 40cm it meant that I had a full bag and could now concentrate on upgrades.
P7290883 (Medium).JPG
I continued drifting downstream content in the knowledge that I had managed a full bag and continued looking for something bigger. I had been lucky enough to have the river to myself early in the morning and I wasn’t pleased to see four stink-boats appear within 20 minutes and create a huge wash along my favourite banks and disturb them. To make matters worse three of them were cast netting the inner bends for prawns or collecting crab pots from the front of all the drains I l liked to target.
P7290885 (Medium).JPG
As a result I drifted peacefully along the shallow banks casting and hoping to find a random flathead in the near perfect conditions. Along one bank the Sp was picked up again and this time I was onto a cracking fish. A quick run and the flathead came to the net way to easily and without much of a fight. It was almost like it refused to accept the fact it had made a mistake and eaten something that was not edible. However once in the net and raised above the waterline it accepted the dilemma it was in and it began to flip out!! I felt like the greatest pancake chef as the flathead continuously flipped up into the air only for me to reposition the landing net below it and prevent it from landing back in the water. Eventually I placed it safely in the front well of my Viking Tempo which is ideal for keeping flathead especially large unruly ones.

At this point I realised there was no way that I could easily handle this fish and so I paddled over to a nearby pontoon where I saw a man spray painting. I politely explained to him that I had landed a large flathead and asked if I could jump onto his pontoon to handle the fish. He was happy for me to do so and I was ecstatic to finally measure and photograph a great flathead of 69cm. Now that is what I call an upgrade!
P7290886 (Medium).JPG
P7290887 (Medium).JPG
P7290889 (Medium).JPG
I continued to drift downstream but the ever present stink-boats seemed desperate to disturb every prime flathead location in an attempt to find a feed of crabs and prawns. I had managed all my fish by 9.30AM and the rest of the morning was dead without even a slight touch.

As the ebb of the tide began to slow and the low tide was almost at its peak I decided to head back upstream to target a few bream while I waited for Simons rat to arrive and fish the afternoon with me. On the paddle upstream I tried casting at my favourite bends again hoping that a few more fish had moved in with the dropping tide.
P7290891 (Medium).JPG
On one such bend I managed another flathead of 47cm that obviously was not an upgrade but left me optimistic that I might find another good fish to increase my score. I continued upstream and although my SP was whacked a few times by bream I did not manage another fish.
P7290890 (Medium).JPG
A call from Simons Rat told me that he had arrived and eventually he paddled upstream and meet up with me. The tide had begun to flood in and we drifted upstream hoping to pick up another fish or two while we chatted away. Steve eventually hooked up and managed to catch a small flathead which we decided to measure and photograph to get him on the board. Instead of netting it he managed to garb it in some awkward grip and in an attempt to get it over to my kayak for a measure, I managed to knock it into the water with my paddle. Bugger!
P7290893 (Medium).JPG
We continued upstream for a while with no action and then turned back downstream but the flathead had vanished. On the paddle back to the cars Steve noticed some small fish being chopped up some predatory fish and quickly rigged a surface softplastic to see if he could hook up. Eventually his S was hit by a fish and the SP returned to the yak with the tale removed. Steve surmised that they were probably small Tailor but continued casting could not tempt another to have a go.
P7290894 (Medium).JPG
P7290895 (Medium).JPG
Eventually I reached the launch spot and this was where the strangest thing happened. I jumped off my kayak and stretched my legs and then bent down to start unrigging it. Looking into the small well between my legs I saw a 15cm dark brown fish. It looked like a flathead and I assumed it was something that the large flathead I had caught had regurgitated and that it was partially squashed so it appeared round. I reached down to grab it and it moved. This fish was alive and had been in the well in a small amount of water for who knows how long.

I put it in a bucket of saltwater to show Steve and he had no idea what it was either or how it could have gotten into my kayak. He took a few photos with his fancy camera to document the catch. My guess is that it was some strange species of flathead but buggers me what it was. It was an interesting end to a good day on the water. Thanks Steve for the afternoon paddle too!
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#12 Post by Mackayak » Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:25 am

Morning trip
Congratulations to rocketv for winning and a big thanks to Leper for organising the comp it was just what I need at the moment.
I was planning on fishing the 21st at Ballina on the high tide but as it got closer to the date the weather looked s#*t so made plan B. When I could see the weather had changed picked a day and as the tide was not what I like at Ballina changed the plan now I was to fish the bottom of the going out upriver a bit and if the wind didn’t pick up to much fish the high tide in the afternoon at Ballina.
Got up on the nominated day and checked for my UFN and looked at the weather report YES look as if it was going to be a great day and should be able to fish both spots. Arrived at first launch site and ready to hit the water about 7.00am to drift down to Pimlico and fish the bottom of the tide
. Not on the water long and first hit a small Bream not a flattie but at least no donut. Keep trying different things but no luck finally got my first flattie on a soft plastic just near my old house YES on the board. Tide was turning and need to stretch the leg etc so found a sandy spot to beach, back on the water and now drifting back to launch site trying a diving lure yes the second flattie on board about 50cm.
First Flattie.JPG
Happy to have two flatties. Look at the time and need to start to head back to the launch site so to be off the water in time to go to Ballina so trolled all the way back with no luck.
Pimlico trip.JPG

Afternoon trip.
Got a quick bit at McDonalds and was ready to hit the water at 1.00pm
there was a slight breeze but not too bad so with high tide about 1 hour away paddled straight to favourite spot. No luck so steadily moved along the bank flicking the lure still, no luck. Seen a whiting floating upside down and as it went past try to grab I don’t know who got the biggest shock as it took off. Turned around and paddled back to see if I could see it again yes it was just under the water so got the net out and it was in the bag so no donut for trip two. All day none of the fish hit hard but all of a sudden my line took off I was on. When I got it close to the yak I could see it would be an upgrade from my first flattie 56cm. Finally had him in the net and could see he had inhaled the lure, looked in his mouth and it was not in sight.
Second flattie.JPG
So I had to cut the line and change. Dilemma as this lure was my favourite and it is rarely off my line since Silver 19 lent me his one day to try. Put on its little brother and tried again a few more flicks and a second flattie for the afternoon was on board not an upgrade but legal. Fished for a while longer with only a few Bream and was surprised at how hard this little fellow hit.
With a storm approaching and the wind picking up decided to call it a day. So headed back to the launch site to clean the fish and head home for a drink after a great day fishing. Thanks again to Leper for organising the comp.
Ballina trip.JPG
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#13 Post by simons rat » Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:24 am

Leper's mysterious yak dwelling fish .... any ideas????

I found it .... Flathead Gudgeon (Butis butis). So does it count for points?
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#14 Post by Ray7 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:43 am

Well I added a new PB to my yaks fishing in landing a 70cm flathead, on the morning things didn't go plan before landing the big one I had already drop two at the yak before it. I claimed her on a 2 inch Berkly Banana Prawn, when I hook her the fun started it took around 10mins to land it the first time, she made nurmous runs, so when I seen the size of her I played it safe backing of the drag to let it do it's job along with the rod, finally having her in the net I looked for a bank to quickly measure and release her, BUT on the way too the bank just short of it she made her attempt of escape by jumping out of the net and over the side of the yak, she then made a bee line for the mangrove so here I'm trying to stop her again from tangling up in mangrove, after a couple of worrying moment and fun I landed her again to have the hook break as I landed her. So it was back to the bank again to take the photo and release her which went well the second time. AJ the other yakker with was so impressed with the size as it was the largest flathead his seen, he help me greatly taken photo plus lending me his brag mat, thanks AJ.
In all the morning was great, yes I should have look for the second after the first, but I had enough my back giving me hell so I called it day , maybe next time I'll catch the two, but that life. I would also like to thank Leper for all the work he puts into these comp, well done.
70cm - New PB.jpg
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge V (Results & Trip Reports)

#15 Post by JamesD » Wed Aug 01, 2012 9:50 am

Well done to those competitors that mnaged to get out for a fish. Congratulations to Rocketv on winning the comp. There were some very impressive flathead caught and measured, at least from a Tassie perspective (be lucky to see anything over 400mm).

Thanks to Brad for organinsing the event.


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