Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results and Trip Reports)

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Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results and Trip Reports)

#1 Post by Leper » Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:03 pm

Sorry for the wait everyone but the results are finally in. Yet again poor weather plagued the comp with wind being the main issue keeping many off the water but at least 31 of us got on the water with mixed success but at least we had a crack!
A big congratulations to Copashark who was the winner of the SFC VI and took out the comp just from 6 other competitors within 100mm of the top spot. Second place fell to chrisand who narrowly beat Mackayak by 5mm in third place worksux. T.J has yet again created an awesome engraved beer stein as a trophy and Mattohobie has kindly donated a few lures to sweeten the win.
A big big thanks to both these guys for their selfless support of this comp! Copashark just send your details to these blokes to claim your prizes! :grin:
Also congratulations to bump73 who is the first winner???? of the smallest flathead of the comp. You can also send your details to T.J for your consolation??? Prize!
Copashark will also have his avatar perpetually changed to show he won the SFC for 2014 so congrates again mate.

Now its time to hear about all your trips and how you went. Tell us what you did whether you caught a flathead, caught everything but flathead, didn't catch a fish or why you just couldn't get out and amongst it!

Cheers everyone and look forward to the next one!

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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#2 Post by proline420 » Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:16 pm

Congrats to the Copashark and the other folks who caught fish.
And many thanks to Leper for organising the challenge and taking time from his busy schedule.
I,m in the donut section :(



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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#3 Post by rocketV » Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:24 pm

well done to the Copashark :cool:

It certainly was a very close result this year.

Thanks for Brad for organising again and to those who donated prizes.

I look forward to the next comp and reading the reports from this year.
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#4 Post by Mackayak » Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:09 am

Congratulation to for winning the comp Copashark and a big thanks to Leper for running the comp. The plan was made flathead were reported up river so a plan was made to fish in a spot I have never tried before. I meet guruknot at about 6.30am and we travelled to the spot, we were on the water by 7.15am the morning was cool but the forecast for the day looked good.
About 15 minutes of fishing and the first flattie was in the yak just over 50cm YES got to be happy with a start like that now for the next one. That took a while as the next 3 fish where Bream. Finally a good hit and was on to what felt like a flattie YES a second and it looked a bit bigger than the first. Just after this was the light hearted part of the morning but that is Guruknot story.
After about 2 hours on the water the tide was turning to start to come in so we pulled ashore for a stretch and a bite before drifting back to the launch site. The drift back was very quiet with not even a bite until we where near the spot I got my first flattie then a light touch on the lure so I stop the retrieve then gave a gentle twitch and on YES a 3rd flattie and this one looked to be the biggest. What a great day with 3 Bream and 3 flatties all over 50cm. A great day on the water with a mate and between us 13 fish caught and 5 flatties over 50cm have to be happy with that. Thanks again to Leper for running the comp it was just what the doctor ordered.
Flattie country.JPG
All over 50cm.JPG
First flattie.JPG
Flattie 1.JPG
Flattie 2.JPG
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#5 Post by MattoTarpon » Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:32 am

well done copa. PM me your details and i will send you a nice lure pack. the week before i did my day i got a 66 cm we hit the same spot only for a just legal. :lol:
Bass - 52cm
Mary River Cod 69cm my dream catch.
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#6 Post by hillbilly » Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:38 am

Thanks Brad for organising this competition once again and congratulations to the overall winner, Copashark . I enjoy doing it every time and try to stay out long enough to get at least one flathead on the board but it was really tough this year. I fished out of a pedal kayak this year and it really sucked. I would never have thought that my new Revolution 11 had less fishing room than my smaller Hobie "Lanai". I hate how you can pedal to a snag to retrieve a lure and then can't easily reverse (back paddling in the lanai) out the same way. Shallow water fishing, well that's another thing. Enough of the whinging though as I feel for all of those who didn't get out or did and couldn't catch a flathead. I spent a very long 6 hours on the water for my two small fish. The first was caught on a soft plastic after four hours and the second was on a hardbody while trolling back to the ramp; now that's where the pedalling beats paddling.
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#7 Post by Yaktricity » Mon Jul 21, 2014 1:15 pm

Congratulations to Copashark, good effort mate. Thanks again to Brad for organising the event, and to T.J. and Mattohobie for the prizes :cool:
I am already looking forward to next years event!

This was my second year of participation, and once again the weather was less than kind :cry:
We have been having a run of poor weather down here lately, well on the weekends anyway, the basin always seems to look great heading to, and coming home from work :?:

So I headed out on my nominated day after lunch - a cold Westerly, 20-30kph predicted all day, top water was between 11-12C (air temp wasn't much better) so my plan was to fish deep (for the basin) at around 6-9M.
Westerlies Brrr.JPG
The plan worked insofar as I caught my best fish on a very fast drift (even with the drogue out) in 7M of water fishing a 3" Rip Tide Mullet in Rootbeer on a 4O 3/8 Jighead.
Flathead 1 56CM.JPG
Unfortunately the wind just kept building and whilst it wasn't dangerous, it was uncomfortable sitting in the wind getting covered in icy spray so I headed into one of the bays and got out of the wind and fished the edges. It was pretty tough going - a couple of small Bream, and as I was about to head for home I picked up my second flattie of the day fishing light on 2lb FC straight thru with a 1/20 jighead using a squidgie wriggler targetting the weed beds along the shore line in about 1-2M of water.
Flathead 2 44CM.JPG
The light was fading fast now, and I was stoked to have caught the 2 flatties needed so it was time to head for home and warm up in front of the fire :grin:
Home Time.JPG
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#8 Post by ShortyK » Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:09 pm

Congrats Copashark and thanks Leper and everyone donating all the prizes.

After I locked in my day the wind forecast decided to change. Hit the water anyway hoping it wasn't going to be to bad. Well I was wrong it was windy, freezing and the tide was running really strong. The first three hours produced no hits and numerous wind knots that had to be cut and retired.

With my toes about to drop off I decided to head for home. I decided to troll a little atomic lure in about 700mm of water and when I was about 50m from the car I finally hooked up. In the process of getting my net I knocked my spare rod overboard :grr: I turned to see it sinking to he bottom, but luckily I had just put the leash back on 20mins ago. :love:

After a half an hour of trolling the same area I couldn't find another fish.

However I did find out how hard it was to take a photo of a flathead full length on a ruler with a UFN number. I think it took me a out 10 mins. :lol:
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Reef shark about 2m, Spangeld Emperor 28cm
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Wild Yellow belly 37cm.

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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#9 Post by arpie » Mon Jul 21, 2014 6:47 pm

Congratulations on a great win, Copashark - andfor all the work that Brad put into organising, running and judging the event!! Many thanks to TJ and Mattohobie for putting up the prizes!!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I found it quite hard to locate flatties on this trip! The water was VERY cold the week I fished & they all seemed to be in hiding - except for the FIRST hit that I had, where I was busted off in a nanosecond, as I'd forgotten to tighten up my drag - and I WAS in the leases! :roll: This is what 20lb line looks like after battle with oysters!
I persevered and after 2 very disappointing hours, finally came up with my first flattie - it went 45cm, so was 'off my doughnut'! :gu:
Using my Forster Special, I continued trying and got one that was 40cm - I was SO pleased that I now had 2 on board!
Then I got lucky & upgraded my 40cm to a tad over 50cm! :lek: I was HAPPY!
I had another bustoff, followed by one that was 45cm .... and next hit was a very nice 'tad over' 51cm!! Big Smiles all round! :grin:
And believe it or not - I hooked that last one on a Sammy 65 in really shallow water!! :lek: It put up a wriggling good fight!
And that was it for me, for the day!! :gu:


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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#10 Post by NarraJosh » Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:08 pm

Congrats to all that got out and to the winner! I experienced a demoralising donut while getting blown off the water on my day of choice. The upshot was that we found a primo little brackish creek that should produce next bass season :gu:
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#11 Post by enjoylife » Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:06 pm

well done everyone, some great looking flatties there :drib:
cheers, dennis :smi:

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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#12 Post by bump73 » Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:14 pm

WOO HOO winner!!! :lek:

Can't believe how good it feels to finally win something in a fishing comp, even if it is for smallest fish :lol:

Congrats to Copashark for taking the top spot, and big thanks to leper for the organizing and TJ and mattohobie for the prizes.

My day saw me tossing up between Lane Cove river, where I grew up fishing, and Port Hacking where I have been fishing for the last year. Of course I chose the Hacking because it was the closest to where I now live and after the first couple of hours I knew I'd made the wrong call.

Launched at Gunnamatta Bay at dawn and did a couple of runs along the channel for a small bream and some chopper tailor which kept destroying my SP's. Knowing the wind was going to pick up a little I headed towards South West Arm planning on hitting some of the drop offs around the edges and shallows. On the paddle over I picked up my WINNING flathead on a trolled Atomic bream shad. Seriously considered releasing without a pic as I really thought there would be more fish to come but as it turned out it was a wise decision to grab a quick shot.

To cut a long boring story short fished SW Arm for 4 hours for nothing then the wind picked up to near gale proportions which even with it behind me on the paddle home trying to keep the yak pointed in the right direction was interesting to say the least. Had lures out trolling on the way back but the speed i was going just from the wind made it rather pointless. A couple more drifts along the channel and across the shallows throwing SP's for nothing before the wind got the better of me and I called it quits and headed home. 7hrs in total on the water and 14km of paddling for 1 26cm flathead. Really should have headed to Lane Cove Rive where land based i've landed some monsters but I guess that's fishing.



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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#13 Post by guruknot » Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:20 pm

Congratulations to the winner and to the organisers.Very happy with my first flatty challenge.Started early with mate mackayack in a different spot,started down on one side of the river without success,soon went over the other side and it wasnt long before had my first flatty then my second,beauty now in the comp.Ended up with 6 flatty nothing but flatty 5 all around the 50cm mark.I learnt a lot on this trip,looking at were i started and were i caught the fish ie which part of the river.Also the tide pace of lure.Any way a really good morning,it was great weather great company and a few nice fish,thanks again. :grin:
Flattie 1.JPG
Flattie 2.JPG
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#14 Post by rocketV » Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:10 pm

As is the case for most of us, between work and family commitments, my fishing time is limited, so I couldn’t afford to pick and chose the best tide or conditions for this competition.
Despite this I had one of my most productive sessions in ages.
Over the course of my morning in the yak I managed over 10 flatties, all over the legal size. Plus this I got a decent chopper Tailor.
They took a range of lures including blades and SP’s.
All were caught casting with no fish on the troll.
KFDU 5-7-14 48.5cm.JPG
KFDU 5-7-14 50cm.JPG
Unfortunately, I couldn’t entice any big Muma flathead and pretty much knew that my final tally would not be enough to take the day.
The highlight of my day was some unexpected but very welcome by-catch.
While working a deeper hole looking for an upgrade my 4” swimmerz and ¼ ounce 2/0 jighead was smacked and before I knew it 8lb braid was cutting thru the water at a rapid rate.
I tightened the drag up a bit as there is a bit of structure nearby that has cost me a large fish in the past.
Despite the extra pressure from my Daiwa Ballistic 2000, this fish (most definitely not a flatty) was charging left and right, towing my yak around with it.
I have not had drag scream like that since I managed a 70cm Barra down at the Coomera a couple of years ago, so I knew it was a decent fish.
After a minute or two I caught a flash of silver and realised that I was close to landing my first ever Threadfin Salmon.
Becoming more prevalent in SE Qld over recent years, Threadfin captures around Brisbane’s rivers and creeks are becoming more frequent, but are still pretty special.
I eventually got my fish to the net for a few quick photos.
As threadies go, it wasn’t a big one, it came in at 60cm.
They are an impressive fish close up with a thick body and a very big forked tail.
These fish have a reputation of fighting themselves to a standstill, and I wanted this one to survive our encounter
I towed it gently around until it looked happy with fins erect and tail beating strongly. When I let it go and it swam off to the depths to grow and make more fish for our future.
My fishing partner for the day had been watching me catch fish after fish all morning and was beginning to wonder what he was doing wrong!
Good things come to those who wait (and persevere) and he landed a cracking Jewfish a few hundred meters from where I got my Threadie.
All in all it was a great morning and despite not catching the winning flatty bag, I was pretty happy.
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Re: Social Flathead Challenge VII (Results)

#15 Post by Copashark » Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:50 pm

Wow, I'm stunned. Thank you leper for organising, tj and mattohobie and mattotarpon for the prizes. I endeavour to put up a report tomorrow. Unfortunately my phone/camera got one to many splashes of salt water and died a day after the comp. I did send a stink boat mate a couple of brag photos of my catch, I'll get these back for my trip report. Thank again. Ray.
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